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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Upanisads and Evolutionism

I am logging here the instances in Upanisads where humanity is compared with creation, supporting the idea that man is part of creation and that of the creator itself. From upanisadic knowledge, the creator can't be distinguished from the creation. I hope to get this across through the various shlokas.

KaTha Upanishad:6

अनुपश्य यथा पूर्वे प्रतिपश्य तथाऽपरे।
सस्यमिव मर्त्यःपच्यते सस्यमिवाजायते पुनः।।

( सस्य= corn ) The way corn grows in the fields, we ourselves are born and re-born, doing and re-doing things that our forefathers did)

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